Mentalhealth.my is a platform for Dr Amer Siddiq, a Malaysian psychiatrist to share his views on the landscape of psychiatry to others. He is not alone in this and is supported by friends who have helped him with his podcast (Mr. Mazran Zamani) and his videos (The Psyberr team).

The main reason to develop a website was to allow easy access to the many material on mental health issues that has been shared by Dr Amer and his team. It was starting to be a maze to troll through the many social media platforms used and also their work in the mass media. It is hoped that your search for material will be just that little bit easier.

Mentalhealth.my hopes to provide material for people struggling with a mental health condition. This initiative will assist them to be empowered with their condition. Dr Amer and his team believes that the first step to recovery is to be equipped with knowledge on his/her condition. This same philosophy will help in hopefully preventing a mental health condition too.

Finally, this website will also hope to introduce the global community to what is available in Malaysia for those struggling with mental illness. 

We hope you enjoy our webpage and do leave us a comment.