My Doctors

Dr Liyana and Dr Uzair, the hosts for this series

I had the opportunity to be part of the local Doctors series called My Doctors which was aired on Monday 23rd and a repeat which is even more popular on Saturday night 28th, April 2018.

This was an interesting experience for me personally and in this first segment, I am discussing about cyber bullying. It was an opportunity to once again discuss about depression and suicide.

Depression affects between 8-12% of Malaysians and is the leading mental health condition (in my opinion) diagnosed in outpatient settings. People often come with a range of symptoms but the main two symptoms are depressed mood and also the inability to enjoy life activities. You can hear more about depression in my podcast at (do subscribe)

You can catch more My Doctors series on Astro 104/124 every Monday at 11pm and Saturday’s at 8pm


Malaysia Tatler Generation T

It has been a very interesting weekend.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of my life in working with people struggling with mental health issues and those who are part of work in tobacco control. On the 27th of April 2018, both of these areas of my work and life were celebrated by the listing in Malaysia Tatler in their #GenerationT project.

This is not only an acknowledgment for my self for which I am very grateful for but a mega WIN for Mental Health in Malaysia and also Tobacco Control. The latter, with the challenges in convincing people and Malaysians that we indeed can be a Smoke Free Nation by 2045! The former – simply out – STIGMA.

So many people need to be thanked for their help in making this a reality.

Do enjoy the photos of the night 😀

The event started with dinner in Mandarin Oriental sponsored by UOB. Thank you UOB and Malaysia Tatler for this treat
The only food picture I took. This dessert looks and tasted equally amazing
Great crowd for the night. I have to admit that I was star struck for most of the night. People you only see in television and also Instagram were everywhere
The panellist and another corporate sponsor. I found out that some of the Generation T listers were selected IWC to model their watches. What a dream that would have been for me. I love watches.
The 50 listers for 2018. I’m next to Dzameer who formed Teach for Malaysia. He’s on the may 2018 cover and his story is an inspiration. Do read it if you came across the copy – Malaysia Tatler
The un-vealing of the 50 listers for 2018
You can see I am very happy here with my own small piece 😀
Let the party continue. Thanks again #MalaysiaTatler #GenerationT #GenerationT2018


Promoting Health through The Malaysia Medical Gazette

The Malaysia Medical Gazette was one of those few portals which made my career in this area of mental health and tobacco control advocacy. I joined in 2013 or so and have been fortunate to see this group grow over the many years. Now they have almost a million unique visitors a year with a wide range of topics in health for the lay public and also students alike. They have been instrumental in our 2015 success for tobacco control through #SmokeFreeMy and also in 2016 with our Mental Health Art Exhibition and Awareness Month.

On the morning of 27th April 2018, we set up a booth in Shah Alam Hospital and had the pleasure to show the Ministry of Health through the Director General of Health some of the articles published. We also took the opportunity to meet the public and also recruit more health workers to write.

It was also a joyous moment as I had the pleasure to meet Dr Hidayah again, our esteem editor and the Iron Lady that “mans” the ship. Other writers were also present. A special shout out to Dr Anis as I recall very clearly that she had joined this group as a medical student and it was heart warming to learn that she is now a medical officer in UKM Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. I wish her all the best in her work and look forward to seeing her growth in the field.

Do take the time to pay us a visit and also should you be keen to write, contact details are in their webpage –

Dato DG, Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah heading to our booth – The Malaysia Medical Gazette
Pens down a few words in our guest book with Dr Hidayah looking on
From our DG of Health – Thank you Dato
Myself and our esteem editor, Dr Hidayah
Dr Husna a dentist and I at our booth
Dr Li Shun and Dr Hidayah manning the booth
A light discussion with Dr Anis and Dr Husna

Let’s start discussing #mentalhealthMY

I wanted to start this page with the call to not only continue talking about mental health but now to start discussing about mental health! One platform is through the use of a common hashtag which will allow us to find, document and discuss the many issues we face in either living with a mental health condition or for some of us, to care for those with a mental health problem and/or a mental illness. I think it has been far to long that we have not had the amount of noise and attention that mental health should be getting in order to assist in changing the many issues that can and should be changed when dealing with mental health. Among a few issues of importance includes, insurance for mental health, access to care, role of mental health care providers and also addition of their contribution to the team and more mental health awareness material and campaigns considering Malaysia is reported to have 29.2% of her population with a mental health condition.

So I urge you all to join me through twitter, Facebook and also Instagram using #mentalhealthMY so we can follow the discussion.

Let us all start today!


Ep.32 – National Symposium of Adolescent Health

On Air with Dr. Amer Siddiq – Episode 32


  • Adolescent development time is very important!
  • Traits: Curious, risk taking, experimenting
  • Off-the-shelf ‘drugs’ such as alcohol, tobacco are easily available.
  • Highly likely to progress to heavy drugs: cocaine, heroin, marijuana
  • They will likely fall behind in school.
  • Medical health will also be affected.
  • Deliberate self harm or suicide is also related to substance abuse.
  • Challenges:
    • increasing number of new drugs
    • delivery of drugs is a problem
  • Social media addiction can also lead to depression.
  • Be vigilant with monitoring kids. Be apart of the development.

Dr Amer Siddiq on Mental Health – National Symposium of Adolescent Health