Let’s start discussing #mentalhealthMY

I wanted to start this page with the call to not only continue talking about mental health but now to start discussing about mental health! One platform is through the use of a common hashtag which will allow us to find, document and discuss the many issues we face in either living with a mental health condition or for some of us, to care for those with a mental health problem and/or a mental illness. I think it has been far to long that we have not had the amount of noise and attention that mental health should be getting in order to assist in changing the many issues that can and should be changed when dealing with mental health. Among a few issues of importance includes, insurance for mental health, access to care, role of mental health care providers and also addition of their contribution to the team and more mental health awareness material and campaigns considering Malaysia is reported to have 29.2% of her population with a mental health condition.

So I urge you all to join me through twitter, Facebook and also Instagram using #mentalhealthMY so we can follow the discussion.

Let us all start today!


One thought on “Let’s start discussing #mentalhealthMY

  1. Fida

    Untuk makluman Doktor.saya memang di sahkan penyakit Schizophrenia.saya diagnosis dari thn 2001 sehingga skrng.sya MKN ubat respidone 2 MG setiap MLM.dulu under pakar.skrng under doktor biasa.msalah saya sekarang.saya mengalami kerisauan yang melampaui dan serba salah yang melampaui.adakah cara untuk membendung perasaan tersebut daripada menguasai fikiran saya.saya seorang kakitangan awam.

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