Mental Health Support for Students


Thank you to Berita Harian for sharing my thoughts on this issue. It was published late last week (3/5/2018).

University life is often a new experience for many people. I remember the first time I went to university those many years ago and recall vividly the feeling. Yes I was excited but, I was also scared. Having studied far away during that time, I was also rather isolated.This was before the introduction of Watsapp and Facebook, which meant, the only way to call home was either through collect call or by buying one of those prepaid cards. Those were the days.

More importantly was that it was so easy to feel lonely and depressed particularly for those of us who are at risk. People with a previous mental health issue, those with a family member with a mental illness, those undergoing other life stressors on top of that move to university, these people are at increased risk of developing a problem.Help, unfortunately, might not be as easy to obtained due to the distance and change in culture. Therefore, it is imperative that you know where your help is. In my alma mater, I remember during orientation, we were introduced to the student health and also support for mental illness. We were encouraged to attend.

I’d like to make the same offer to my students in University of Malaya, and I do know other local institutions have the same services. The extent of the service might be less, but the service is available for all to use. Do make sure you know where to find help when you need it.

Back to my students, we have a number of services which one can attend. Among them are:-

  1. Student Health Services
  2. Counselling Unit in Perdanasiswa
  3. Outpatient Psychiatric Services in University Malaya Medical Center

If you need help and don’t know where to go still, I’ve been told you can talk to your Collage Master and they will be able to assist.

Should you wish to use outside services, contacting BefriendersKL is also an option.

Finally for the more discreet, you can access our psychiatric services through University Malaya Specialist Center located at the Petaling Jaya Gate of the university.

Hope you find the help and spread the word around

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