Working with Psyberr

Hope everyone is having a great Monday and the fasting is not too hard on you.

I wanted to make a short announcement on the work that I am doing with the team – psyberr. They are a bunch of young and enthusiastic medical doctors and others who are keen in producing material for mental health awareness. I was really blown away by their work in creating a depression video (included below) which was just so simple and relatable during our 2016 Mental Health Art Exhibition. After watching it, I’m sure you will want some more!

I am officially working with them on creating more material for all of you to further promote mental health. I think they are wonderful. As part of my work with the podcasts and other campaigns, they had decided to make me an avatar too! How cool is that! I have taken the liberty to embellish it a bit more so you know where to go i.e. to the podcasts hosted by Raku. However, you can also use iTunes or soundcloud, where it’s hosted.

Hope you enjoy the video and I am looking forward to many more of these videos too.

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