TV AL Hijrah on Depression

My utmost thanks to Al Hijrah for the invite and also opportunity to share with Malaysians on depression. On the same morning, my friend Dr Farizah was also asked to share on post partum depression.

We wanted to both highlight that depression, including when it happens during the pregnancy period is important and should not be taken lightly. I have personally shared this in a recent podcast which is available at

Depression postpartum affect around 10% with some estimate risk to be as high as 50%. More commonly however are the “blues”. For <1% of individuals with depression, they can progress to postpartum psychosis. The ultimate fear in this regard is the risk of harm to self or others, particularly the new born as a result of lost of reality testing. Sensational reporting of these rare cases do not help! What is helpful is awareness on this situation and information on where to find help.

Of late a number of cases have been reported in the local news which has not empowered but instead people struggling with mental health issues related to the peripartum period which includes postpartum. We hope that the families involved find the peace they deserve and to the rest who might be struggling with a mental health issue, we are more than happy to help where we can.

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