Smoking Cessation Week Long Commitment

Hi there everyone

Sorry for the long silence. It’s been an extremely busy week with the Kuala Lumpur Nicotine Addiction Conference 2018 and also a session at the Malaysian Thoracic Society Conference. Both related very much to tobacco control in particular on matters related to assisting people to quit smoking.

A big shout out to the organising committee and the team we now have in the nicotine addiction research group UMCAS. It was an amazing experience and I could feel that we are ready for bigger things in the very near future.

We had with us for the week, 3 leading experts in diverse fields of research. Associate Prof Irina Stepanov will help build our fundamental research group, Prof Geoffrey and Dr Anne Quah will help us with population research in tobacco control through our joint ideas for the ITC study and Prof Bullen, will as he had done successfully, guide us all in innovations and clinical research. We hope that this collaboration will assist Malaysia to be smoke free by 2045.

Myself, as usual focus on mental health and quitting smoking. We have over the years collected the baseline data and soon we will be sharing this information with the hope to better understand our patients and their smoking habits and motivation to quit. It’s a now a myth that people with mental illness cannot quit. They can. We should therefore help them in making this achievement.

People with mental illness who quit do better in terms of their mood, well being, it helps them save, prolongs life and protects from disability. We owe them every opportunity to help them quit this terrible addiction.

So, thanks for participating in the conference. Thank you for supporting us in the many way you have done – discussed, shared, like anything and everything related to KLNAC2018. We plan to see you again 2 years time 😉

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