Toyspital 2018

Thank you to the team behind Toyspital for the invite through the #medtweetmy NGO. I enjoyed the discussion that went on during our event.

I was fortunate to be with Dr Afida Sohana who was talking about vaccines. It was an interesting story she shared with all of us. Essentially we need the herd immunity to stay safe.

Ms Jazlina did some great work on sharing her expertise for dietetics. She focused on children with obesity. I enjoyed the idea of making a presentable food tray to encourage children to take certain food groups such as vegetables.

My talk was on children and mental illness. Certainly I’m no child psychiatrist but I shared the 4 more common types of condition which can affect children. In order of preference, they were:-

1. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

2. Autism Spectrum Disorder

3. Depression

4. Anxiety Disorders

I hope to share more on my podcasts on these conditions so we may be enlightened.

To top it all off, I was also interviewed by TV3 Malaysia. Thank you.


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