Health Talk on Stress and Depression

Thank you to the team from OCBC bank which invited me and my team to give a health talk this morning. We hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did. For this event, myself and Roana had worked hard to ensure that we had some good content for you. Our collaboration with Psyberr as usual provided the video support with our ever loved video on depression.

You might not be aware but stress is one of the most common complaints we get in clinic and also chronic stress is a risk factor for multiple medical conditions. Only this morning I was informed regarding some disturbing news on how unmanaged stress had possibly led to early heart conditions in young people. With our lack of exercise, smoking rates of 22.8% and undiagnosed issues with alcohol among others, there is the possibility that stress will lead to other problems.

Depression as we know is a consequence of chronic stress and has its own complications – namely suicide – which we try to prevent.

We hope you all had a great session today and we hope that all of you who attended had gotten some value from our talk. For other organisations that might be keen to have us with you, do get in touch. We might be able to make a difference for you too.

Pics of the sessions.

Getting a point across by Dr Amer

The crowd undergoing practice on mindfulness by Ms Roana a certified counsellor

Ms Roana doing the practical session

Thank you again to the team from OCBC who invited me and my team over.

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