We talk about suicide reporting again

Good morning everyone and a friendly reminder to all my friends in the media as we strive to improve mental health care and #suicideprevention in Malaysia

We have been awoken time and time again with sad news on untimely deaths. More importantly the method of reporting at times have been noted to be wanting.

In lieu of this and other reasons, some of us have in recent times taken up the challenge and decided to do a little bit more.

Do take the time to also read our latest paper on this issue. We provide some context on why this is important. We call upon all stakeholders to take part in this effort. We encourage people to improve in the way they report the news.


For all my trainees and students, this is also very relevant to you. You are training in a very interesting time for psychiatry. There is slow but steady rise in mental health awareness. You must be ready to take up this challenge when called upon.

As part of our efforts, myself and few others (A/Prof Dr Chan Lai Fong from UKM and Dr Nurashikin from MOH) with the support of University of Malaya will be hosting a workshop on best practices for reporting suicide. Stay tuned 😉

For more you can also listen to podcasts episode 39 and you might want to also hear episode 12

Have a great day

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