Depression during pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy can happen anytime before, during or after delivery.

We include a simple fact sheet in Malay which was highlighted by Wanita Hari Ini today with Fiza Sabjahan (26/9/2018) for the relevant audience which was made by my undergraduate students and field tested during their community visit.

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Thank you to TV3 for the support in #mentalhealthawareness

Innovations in Global Health Professions Education 2018

Interesting times are here in medical education.

Currently in a conference for innovations for medical education where a number of innovative strategies are now in place for medical education. Using AI together with current strategies appear to increase learning and eventually service. This to me is ground breaking. I’m hoping that this will introduce better health care provision to the people of Malaysia.

However we must be careful to avoid addictive behaviour and also psychological consequences of technology, especially when we are unprepared.

Ep. 48 – Personality Disorder

  • defined by personality that is often rigid, and unhealthy on how they think and behave.
  • made over a long period of time. start in teenage years, early adulthood
  • patients are unable to see faults.

Cluster A – paranoid, schizoid personality. more distressed. unjustified beliefs. odd.

Cluster B – dramatic, emotional, unpredictable behaviour. Anti-social. Narcissistic.

Cluster C – anxious, timid, avoidance, OCD. Low self esteem.

Disorder is treated with psychotherapy.

Patients can be admitted for safety reasons (if needed)

See a psychiatrist or psychologist.

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Excitement in Munich

I wanted to share with you a recent happening in my life. I’m in Munich to attend a conference on smoking cessation but realised on entering that the venue is in the Department of Psychiatry at the Ludwig Maximilian University. At first this was not a big deal, not that it really registered. However, as I was walking to the first keynote, I was greeted by Prof Dr Emil Kraepelin!!

It turns out, I’m in the department which Kraepelin started and later a person named Prof Dr Aloys Alzheimer was also a faculty member here. Yes, that Alzheimer’s!!!

What luck!

So I wanted to share some pictures and a video with you about this so you too can experience what I did. For my students and trainees, you will want to watch this.

Now, for others here, you might be wondering Kraepelin who? Alzheimer’s? Well these two psychiatrists did wonders for the field. One defined what we now understand as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and the difference between the two. He described schizophrenia as dementia praecox and bipolar as a separate entity. We still use his understanding until now. The other person found the cause of a neurodegenerative disorder of the brain which caused people in late life to lose their memory. His work has allowed us to better understand the brain and as a result have massive research programs to be set up allowing people with this illness to prolong their memory and thinking with new medical inventions and discovery.

Hope you enjoy the video. Another video on the Head of Department introducing his department is in my Facebook feed too.

This video is for all my trainees in psychiatry. Here I am in the Dept which Prof Dr Emil Kraepelin started and sitting in the hall which Prof Kraepelin lectured! I’ll let the HOD of the Dept of Psychiatry Munich introduce to you his beautiful department. Now also listen about the importance of smoking cessation for our patients. My personal take is that if you’re not treating people with mental illness for their tobacco use, you’re doing an injustice to them too. #mentalhealthawareness #mentalmalaysia

Posted by Dr Amer Siddiq on Jumaat, 7 September 2018