World Mental Health Day Month coming to an end

Hi there everyone.

Sincere apologies for the silence here. I’ve been updating other sites in this crazy month. There has been a number of activities in University Malaya and beyond and it is our hope that you have managed to catch a few of these activities.

I wanted to share with you one of my smaller initiatives to end the month – the green ribbon campaign – which some of you are aware of. You will note over the past month in the few television appearances and also public appearances that I have with me a green ribbon. This is in support of World Mental Health Day. I’ve run a small project which some of you have participated in. I hope that those of you who did will be able to get one of these ribbons too. It’s a small gesture from me and others but it has a big meaning for everyone struggling with mental illness and mental health issues.

I do hope that I’ll be able to share with you the few pictures of people who have taken part in making this 36 hour campaign a success.

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