Ep.67 – Substance Use Among Youths

My talk recently at the 5th ASEAN Region Primary Care Conference.

Topic for today:

  1. Challenges of dealing with youths/
  2. key concepts of addictions
  3. Substance affect on the brain
  4. Gateway Theory
  5. Cannabis Use
  6. Challenges / Solutions for treating youths

Dealing with 2 problems:

  1. the adolescences themselves
  2. they are at risk of developing substance abuse

They are looking for a sense of identity, individuality.

Substance are related to suicide.

Anything that can be made into liquid can be vaped.

Social Media and the Internet are easy access for youths to access substances.

Reduce stigma to let youths to approach family members and doctors (not peer age group)

Legal and Family issues.

Treatment needs to be tailored to the individual.

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Ep.61 – Cara Mencari Pertolongan Kesihatan Mental

Perlu surat sokongan (referral letter) dari klinik kesihatan atau klinik swasta

Kalau kecemasan, boleh ke bahagian kecemasan untuk pertolongan yang cepat.

Isu kecemasan:

  1. isu keganasan – membahayai orang lain
  2. ingin membunuh diri

Kalau ingin menjumpai doktor (bukan pakar)

  • di LPPKN bahagian kerja sosial (social work)
  • di klinik kesihatan
  • MENTARI – Pusat Mental dan Psikiatri Komuniti

Hotline yang boleh dihubungi:

Dr Amer Siddiq on Mental Health – Cara Mencari Pertolongan Kesihatan Mental

Gaming Disorder

In Mandarin by my good friend Associate Professor Dr Anne Yee.

Now I admit I listened to it for 10 minutes, but due to my limited (very) and slow pick up of Mandarin I was lost for most of this conservation apart from when Dr Anne mentioned “tui” or correct but for what – I am unsure 😂.

Do listen and find out and maybe some one will be able to tell me.

For my trainees, a good revision on this new issue which we have seen in clinic and the ward in recent times.


Welcome to the Site – Again

Hi there everyone,

I am actually delighted to welcome you to the site again after my unofficial announcement yesterday on TV3 during the Wanita Hari Ini segment. Thank you for the invitation (we will talk about this issue separately) and thank you for the plug!

I was extremely moved by the sharing by En. Amirul and his story on finding help. He was lucky, but many are not.

I recently met a patient who had symptoms of depression and was referred to see one of us in the Klang Valley. This person went to three different clinics and hospitals but was not successful in finding help (doctors out, appointment system etc) before coming to see me in UMSC. Hearing her ordeal moved me to work just that bit harder in mental health awareness and advocacy and hearing En. Amirul telling me his own experience, has recharged my motivation further. We need to get more information out so people can find us.

I believe we have the best healthcare system for mental health that one can have for a country like ours, and I also believe we can do more. Nevertheless, if you can’t find us, all will be for nothing.

My team and I will be sharing with all of you a number of material over the coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years on various aspects of mental health. We will also inform you of appearances by the team and also announce initiatives from time to time. Either done by us or others. We also aim to share with you patient related material so you may be informed about the various mental illnesses.

We hope that you enjoy the page, the content and also share your thoughts with us.

Thanks again for the support – subscribe to the podcast! That’s the first way to start.


MyDrs cameo

Hi there everyone again

It’s been a hectic few weeks after returning from a trip to New Zealand after so long.

This day, what I wanted to share is my short appearance in a series called MyDrs which was recorded by another who has kindly shared the link.

This is one way to disseminate information about mental health and from the limited feedback of patients and friends, they found it very helpful. I too hope that you all find this clip to your liking and I sincerely hope that it helps with the mental health promotion that we want to do.

Do enjoy the clip, it’s on depression and my thoughts on cyberbullying are/was also recorded

My Doctors

Dr Liyana and Dr Uzair, the hosts for this series

I had the opportunity to be part of the local Doctors series called My Doctors which was aired on Monday 23rd and a repeat which is even more popular on Saturday night 28th, April 2018.

This was an interesting experience for me personally and in this first segment, I am discussing about cyber bullying. It was an opportunity to once again discuss about depression and suicide.

Depression affects between 8-12% of Malaysians and is the leading mental health condition (in my opinion) diagnosed in outpatient settings. People often come with a range of symptoms but the main two symptoms are depressed mood and also the inability to enjoy life activities. You can hear more about depression in my podcast at http://play.raku.my/mentalmalaysia (do subscribe)

You can catch more My Doctors series on Astro 104/124 every Monday at 11pm and Saturday’s at 8pm