Malaysia Tatler Generation T

It has been a very interesting weekend.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of my life in working with people struggling with mental health issues and those who are part of work in tobacco control. On the 27th of April 2018, both of these areas of my work and life were celebrated by the listing in Malaysia Tatler in their #GenerationT project.

This is not only an acknowledgment for my self for which I am very grateful for but a mega WIN for Mental Health in Malaysia and also Tobacco Control. The latter, with the challenges in convincing people and Malaysians that we indeed can be a Smoke Free Nation by 2045! The former – simply out – STIGMA.

So many people need to be thanked for their help in making this a reality.

Do enjoy the photos of the night 😀

The event started with dinner in Mandarin Oriental sponsored by UOB. Thank you UOB and Malaysia Tatler for this treat
The only food picture I took. This dessert looks and tasted equally amazing
Great crowd for the night. I have to admit that I was star struck for most of the night. People you only see in television and also Instagram were everywhere
The panellist and another corporate sponsor. I found out that some of the Generation T listers were selected IWC to model their watches. What a dream that would have been for me. I love watches.
The 50 listers for 2018. I’m next to Dzameer who formed Teach for Malaysia. He’s on the may 2018 cover and his story is an inspiration. Do read it if you came across the copy – Malaysia Tatler
The un-vealing of the 50 listers for 2018
You can see I am very happy here with my own small piece 😀
Let the party continue. Thanks again #MalaysiaTatler #GenerationT #GenerationT2018