Ep.32 – National Symposium of Adolescent Health

On Air with Dr. Amer Siddiq – Episode 32


  • Adolescent development time is very important!
  • Traits: Curious, risk taking, experimenting
  • Off-the-shelf ‘drugs’ such as alcohol, tobacco are easily available.
  • Highly likely to progress to heavy drugs: cocaine, heroin, marijuana
  • They will likely fall behind in school.
  • Medical health will also be affected.
  • Deliberate self harm or suicide is also related to substance abuse.
  • Challenges:
    • increasing number of new drugs
    • delivery of drugs is a problem
  • Social media addiction can also lead to depression.
  • Be vigilant with monitoring kids. Be apart of the development.

Dr Amer Siddiq on Mental Health – National Symposium of Adolescent Health