World No Tobacco Day 2018

Again we are revisited by May 31st, the day the World Health Organisation declared to be World No Tobacco Day.

For 2018, theme is “Smoking and Heart Disease”. This allows us to take stock of the current situation where smoking is the number ONE public health problem worldwide, killing half to two thirds of its users. It is also the leading risk factor for noncommunicable diseases such as hearth disease. More importantly, quitting smoking allow us to recover heart function and some studies have found that quitting for 15 years and more essentially results in the risk to reduce to a non-smoker. How cool is that.

Aptly, World No Tobacco Day falls in the month of Ramadan where Muslims the world over are fasting from dawn to dusk. What great timing to attempt a quit attempt! It’s just bit easier as many are not smoking during the day and more are trying to quit die to spiritual reasons during this month.

Quitting on own is a possibility but it’s just that bit easier with aid. Partaking in is one way to do and in this portal you will be introduced to ways to quit and also quit smoking centers across Malaysia. Just visit the one nearest to you.

Finally, I wanted to also share a newspaper clipping of smoking among school children and what we should be doing about it. raising tobacco prices to make them out of reach and ensuring that illegal cigarettes are not present is but only one way.