Gaming Disorder

In Mandarin by my good friend Associate Professor Dr Anne Yee.

Now I admit I listened to it for 10 minutes, but due to my limited (very) and slow pick up of Mandarin I was lost for most of this conservation apart from when Dr Anne mentioned “tui” or correct but for what – I am unsure 😂.

Do listen and find out and maybe some one will be able to tell me.

For my trainees, a good revision on this new issue which we have seen in clinic and the ward in recent times.


Ep.59 – 2018 Recap

Thank you to all my listeners for tuning in and support to keep this podcast going.

Hot topics for 2018

  1. Generalised anxiety disorder
  2. Personality disorders
  3. Suicide prevention

For 2019

  1. Moving forward with the podcast
  2. More animated videos with psyber
  3. More VLOGs
  4. improvements

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Ep.56 – Role of Imaging in Psychiatry

EEG, MRI, CT Brain

Necessary to allow to further investigate the brain.

Who should do it:

  • If in age above 50 and suddenly develop symptoms to see mental health specialist.  Do a CT brain first
  • If young, symptom of psychosis or mood.  Best to do to find possibility of reversing symptoms.
  • diagnosed and treated with symptom, but not much improvement in recovery or a change in symptom.

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Friends in Psychiatry

I had the pleasure to share space during the recently concluded Masters Conjoint Exam with these two young psychiatrists, both my juniors and leading the way in advocacy.

(Dr Fadzli Mohd Isa – addiction psychiatrist, Dr Ahmad Rostam – budding liaison psychiatrist and I)

It was an interesting session we had. We were discussing the way forward for the use of social media for mental health advocacy, apart from the pitfalls which can or has happened as we work in this area using social media. This included responding to questions posed, handling emails and private if not direct messages and also the inadvertent viral tweet/statement/opinion.

Of recent concern is the over eager trainee who advocates with, at times, little knowledge and to much enthusiasm which, can, be a problem. Now we are not saying don’t do it, but be careful. If you’re a trainee you’re bound by the university code of conduct and as a medical doctor, you’re also bound by the medical code. If you’re a Ministry of Health practitioner, you need the relevant clearance too. Also, unless you’re really really good in your studies, you’re also playing with the risk of the halo effect which might be a problem for some.

Nevertheless, we are excited by the interest among our younger colleagues and we believe it augurs well for psychiatry in Malaysia.

To all exam goers – good luck. Results out on Friday 😊

(Dr Ahmad Rostam and I are also members of the #MedtweetMY family)