Who are we?

Dr Amer, Dr Lim PK, Dr Syaril and Mr Mazran

Mentalhealth.my is a website was initiated by Dr Amer and Mr Mazran in 2018. Their main aim was to assist in making content for mental health awareness more exciting and innovative. This dream was shared by Dr Syaril who is a member of another team with the same goals – Psyberr.

In early 2019, all three decided to work together in producing mental health awareness content which is exciting, novel and informative through new medium which is innovative for a greater and wider reach.

In mid 2019, Dr Lim completed her psychiatric training and joined the team formally. She had been prior to this, helping out with the infographics for the team. She brings with her a wealth of experience and creativity from her own platform – anjung minda.

The team is also supported by other mental health care friends who also share content through the website.

We hope you’ll enjoy our content.